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Guidance on Delivering Childhood Immunisation during COVID-19

Dear Parent/Carer,

We hope your child is well and we know you want to keep them safe and healthy. One way you can protect your child is to make sure they always have their routine vaccinations.

Over 80% of children living in London are up-to-date with their vaccinations. This simple act can reduce your child’s chance of getting seriously ill by up to 90%, but delay can put children at risk from potentially serious diseases.

We want to reassure you that all possible precautions are being taken to protect you and your child from coronavirus during your child’s vaccination appointment.

Call your GP today on 0208 630 3476 and book an appointment to have your child vaccinated.

Please read the attached Advice for Parents about Routine Vaccinations during COVID that we have produced for you. It contains further information on the importance of having your child vaccinated during the coronavirus outbreak.

Your GP is happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

Together, we can keep your child, their siblings and their friends safe and well.