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World Diabetic Day -14th November 2021

Happy World Diabetes Day – 14th November 2021

The theme for World Diabetes Day 2021-23 is Access to Diabetes Care.

  • Millions of people with diabetes around the world do not have access to diabetes care.
  • People with diabetes require ongoing care and support to manage their condition and avoid complications.

Willow Practice are fortunate to be able to offer you both –   we are committed to support you with your journey, whether you have had a recent diagnosis or had diabetes for 30 years, whether you are “on top” of things or need help to get things under control.

There are 537 MILLION people living with diabetes. Willow Practice has 374.

The pandemic (and more recently a blood bottle shortage) has caused significant delays in keeping you all up to date with checks, but we are open for business and keen to get all your checks done.

We are also aware that the pandemic has proven difficult for many of our patients who have struggled emotionally and/or gained weight during the lockdown. We are here and want to help with emotional wellbeing, not just your “numbers”.

Do you KNOW if you are up to date with your checks?

Do you KNOW if your results are in the target range to minimise long term risks?

If not the “KNOW DIABETES” site ( https://www.knowdiabetes.org.uk/) can help –  whether it’s signposting you to the best help, eating more healthily or checking yourself – this site, only for North West London patients, can help you make small, practical changes that boost your health and wellbeing.  Check it out today – a really worthwhile thing to do on World Diabetic Day!

If you have an email address on our GP records, you can pull across your health information into your very own dashboard to help you be in control and know how to best manage your condition.


For a video showing you how to get this health record access – click here.


There are 9 key care processes that we need to document every year.

Most of our patients know about the importance of blood checks and blood pressures but we find some of the checks, in particular foot checks and urine checks take a little more prompting!


Of our 374 patients, on 13th November 2021:

59 patients haven’t had their blood sugar level checked in the last 13 months

51 patients haven’t had their blood pressure checked in the last 13 months

145 patients haven’t had the urine protein checked in the last 13 months

146 patients haven’t had their foot check in the last 13 months


As for being “on target”:

164 patients had their last blood pressure over 140/80

173 patients had their last sugar (HbA1c) over 58


If you are unsure what you need, or if “on target”, or don’t yet have your annual diabetic care plan, please arrange a review with a GP or Nurse to discuss and plan, or email us willowpractice@nhs.net.

However, the Know Diabetes site is also such a great resource – please register with this to learn so much more. If we don’t yet have your email address, the easiest way is to register for online access which will also allow you to order your medication on line and see your health records and results.

We’d love to hear from you – though suspect if you’ve read this far, you are one of our patients that likely are on top of your diabetes and all up to date!

You’ll have been sent this link by email or text message with an attached questionnaire – if you also did this, it’s a way of letting us know how things are going and how you’d like us to communicate with you. Thank you in advance if you do send this back.

And finally – as foot checks and urine checks always seem the last thing for patients to do, please also see below:

Why check my feet ? 



Why check my morning urine?

Spring Update


To all of our patients, families and supporters, a very warm welcome to the Willow Practice’s Spring Newsletter in which we report on a mixture of sad news, but also exciting developments.

In January, Dr Geoffrey Baum, the Uncle of Dr Mandy Baum, died of Covid at the age of 92 years.  He  was  a GP in Hounslow since the 1959, moving into Maswell Park Health Centre in 1970s.  He shall be fondly remembered for his commitment to patients’ care and wellbeing. He delivered many of our current patients and he set very high standards which the current GPs all aspire to.

Dr Mandy Baum joined him on 1st April 1996, later naming the practice “Willow Practice”. She has therefore been here for exactly 25 years.

As we pass the anniversary of the first COVID lockdown, please accept our most-sincere gratitude for the overriding support and understanding that you have given ‘Team Willow’ during these unprecedentedly challenging times. Our patients, along with the rest of the nation have been subject to additional stresses and concerns, both physical and mental, leading to busier phone lines and additional strain upon the practice resources on top of managing COVID vaccinations.

Due your understanding as well as additional online and telephone options and the commitment of all the doctors and staff we have been able to deliver a standard of care comparable to pre-pandemic times of which we are very proud.

To offer yet more availability and capacity for the future we are delighted to announce that we have gone live with a collaboration with “Push Doctor”. They are an organisation of off-site GPs who offer video consultations. It will be as if you are talking to a locum GP on site. This should help take the pressure off the phone lines and appointments. If you have a smart phone, please try out this new service, particularly for new medical complaints or minor concerns or if you should require medical assistance outside of the Practice’s opening hours. They have appointments from 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday.

In order to set up an account and book an appointment, please visit www.pushdoctor.co.uk

Please be assured that we are still here for the vast majority of consultations and certainly to help you manage your chronic conditions, such as diabetes.

If you require non-urgent appointments from Willow Practice, you may also use eConsult (which can also be found via our website from the blue box entitled “Contact your doctor online”)

For other (non-appointment related) requests you may email  willowpractice@nhs.net. Please allow at least a full working day to get a response as we are getting very large volumes of emails in our efforts to help reduce volume of calls.

We hope we’ll be able to offer shorter phone waiting times as we are delighted that our previously shielding staff will be returning and we’ve also recruited new staff  to improve our access. Thank you again for bearing with us during this unprecedented year.

Advice is also available on the NHS website or you can speak to your local pharmacist.

Online advise from 111 is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for urgent health advice or by calling 111, and 999 is for emergencies.

We ARE doing face to face consultations but the GPs are still speaking to patients in the first instance. Nurse appointments can be booked via reception.

Covid vaccinations are going extremely well with Willow hitting some of the highest targets very early on. Dr Roy has been involved in the local delivery and so hasn’t been around as much at the practice. It’s been an incredibly complex process with constantly  changing vaccine delivery numbers and dates but we have been very excited to have been so involved. Thank you to you all for being patient whilst awaiting your invites and booking online whenever possible. We are only involved with booking our aged 50 years +, care home and other residential units, carers and those at clinical risk.

You WILL get invited for your 2nd dose, at around 11 weeks, so please don’t contact us before if you’ve not yet been invited.

If you’ve not had a text message or don’t know how to book, then please email.  It’s also helpful for us if you “decline” the invitation if you have booked elsewhere or don’t currently want a vaccine. However, we would very much like the opportunity to discuss concerns with you if you are worried about having your vaccine. Please email or phone and we’ll arrange for a Nurse or GP to phone to discuss.

For those under 50 years old, with no other conditions, you shall be receiving your invites from your local mass vaccination sites in due course or book here when it’s announced in the news.

Please help us to keep the phone lines available to other patients by not calling the Practice to discuss COVID vaccinations, if you have specific queries/ concerns please feel free to email us at willowpractice@nhs.net

To further help our reception staff prioritise answering phones and emails, please request your repeat medication online if you have the ability to do so. All the paper requests are converted into online requests by our staff, wasting hours of time every week. Please download and follow the directions for identity confirmation on the NHS App or use the Airmid App (you’ll need to use the NHS login to access or get login details by request). If you can’t do this, is there a relative that could request on your behalf?

With the additional stresses that everyone is facing at the moment, there are many online support options. Hounslow IAPT have lots of resources and self referral links. Also Good Thinking and NHS mental health page are excellent places to look for information and quizzes.  However, please always contact us if struggling.  You can complete a Depression E-Consult or a Anxiety E-Consult before if you wish.  Please click here if you need urgent help.

Many of us have gained weight during lockdown or given up on all those New Year Resolutions! As we enter the warmer months (hopefully) you can access advice to improve your health and increase your exercise  and help you lose weight at  One You Hounslow site or on the “NHS live well”.

If you would like assistance to stop smoking please see NHS Quit or OneYou.

Please be assured that everyone at the Willow Practice is, as ever ready to support you in all aspects of physical, mental and lifestyle so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We wish you a safe and happier new season as restrictions ease and the weather hopefully improves.

Thank you again and our very best wishes,

Team Willow

ps if you’d like to suggest useful topics for future topics for newsletters, don’t hesitate to let us know. If you’ve appreciated this update and the work we do, we’re always delighted to see nice reviews on Google and/or NHS Choices!

December 2020 Practice News Update

Stay Home Merry Christmas GIF by INTO ACTIONWishing all our patients a safe festive season and a happy, healthy  and vaccinated 2021!

Please see all our latest updates below.


  • With infection rates rising rapidly please stay home and follow the new Tier 4 guidance to protect loved ones and the NHS over the Christmas period. Read the latest news from the NHS in NW London here

    If you need an emergency phone number, some health advice or details of support organisations over the break CLICK HERE for council services, helplines and contact information over Christmas and New Year (Hounslow Council), or ring 111.

    We’re open all day on the 24th and are open again 29th to 31st but are shut on the bank holidays.

  • Covid19 vaccination

Willow Practice, as part of our “Hounslow Health” Primary Care Network were proud to be the first area in The Borough of Hounslow , which stretches from Feltham to Chiswick, and one of the first in the UK to start the vaccination programme last week.  It was a huge effort by a team lead by Dr Sudhan Roy to deliver 975 vaccines in three and a half days.

This first cohort was for patients aged 80 years and over and front line NHS staff and care workers from local care homes.  Many of our patients were pleased to be vaccinated by the familiar faces of our nurses Geraldine, Chris and Mane as well as Dr Roy and Dr Baum and our pharmacist, Mumtaz.  We were all delighted to be involved in this historic milestone and look forward to everyone returning in three weeks for their second dose.

Please see the Hounslow Twitter post of Dr Baum having her jab and Mumtaz preparing the vaccines here.

Covid 19 vaccines are being offered in order of priority. When the vaccine is available to you, you will be contacted. Please do not call us or 111 as you will not be able to receive it any sooner. However, this is a good time to ensure that we have your correct mobile number so we can contact you quickly when it’s your turn.

For more information about the COVID vaccination, please see here.

  • Flu jab 2020-2021

It’s not too late to to get your flu jab done this season to protect you, your family as well as the NHS. The flu jab eligibility has been expanded for this season including all patients from 50 years old.

We will continue with flu clinics on Saturdays in the New Year, however if you can only attend during the week, this can also be arranged if you phone or email us.

Please email willowpractice@nhs.net if you don’t want your flu jab to stop further texts, or if you’ve already had it done elsewhere. It would very much help us to update your records rather than you ignore all our text messages!

Find out more about why all eligible adults should have the flu jab this year in particular here.

Find out more about the nasal flu immunisation for  2-3 year olds here.  If you are Muslim and concerned about the gelatine content, the British Fatwa Council / Karimia Institute has issued a fatwa permitting LAIV for Muslims. See here for more information or discuss the option of a special injection with our nurses if you remain concerned.

  • Online Access

Please help us by getting your online access sorted over this Xmas break!

If you’ve never done it, the best way is to download the “NHS app” (NOT the Covid NHS app). You can then go through a very secure identity check (you’ll need your passport or other ID with a photo). Once you’ve been confirmed you can then use this to get onto the Systmone “AIRMID” app.

Alternatively,  you can email or phone us to get  your Systmonline registration details.

Advantages for you:

-book flu clinic appointments and in future we might open up booking phone call or nurse appointments

-checking your test results and access to your notes

-convenient ordering of prescriptions.

FOR US it would save so much of our reception time if everyone could order their medication online. We waste hours each week converting your paper requests to an online version. Please help us with this so that they can do other useful tasks such as ringing patients.

It would also help free up phone lines for patients trying to book their flu jabs.

To download and confirm your identity on “NHS app” click here.

For the “Airmid” app, please click here.

  • New ways to contact  your GP

We are still open but GPs are continuing to have telephone or video consultations before a face to face is offered.

We are continuing to have a significantly high volume of telephone calls whilst often having to work with reduced staffing levels.   For anything NOT urgent, please could you try to submit an eConsult to submit online GP or admin query or send an email to willowpractice@nhs.net.

We will in the New Year be trialling three other ways of contacting us. Watch this space as we’ll let you know as new things are launched.

In the interim, if you are able to help any of your elderly relatives who are patients by managing this for them, or training them how to do it, we are very grateful.

We are very aware that we’ll always have some patients who can not use these new systems and we’re keen to keep the phone lines as clear as possible for them.

  • Social Prescribing link workers

Social prescribing link workers are working closely with us, local authorities, community services and voluntary sector partners to co-ordinate support for people identified by health and care professionals as especially vulnerable and experiencing health inequalities. They are well placed to support people whose health and wellbeing has been affected by the social and economic implications of the pandemic, such as with loneliness, debt, housing or unemployment, and connect them to the appropriate health coaching and community offers in line with social distancing protocols. More information can be found here,  or watch this video. Please discuss with us if you would like to talk to one.

  • New Project for Asthma/COPD Patients

Specialist respiratory nurses are going to be helping us review our patients in the New Year. It’s more important than ever that your asthma or COPD is well controlled and you have a personalised asthma “Care Plan”.  Await your invitation to book!

  • Diabetic Patients

It is important to get your annual diabetic review done at the practice. Please do contact us if you haven’t got your appointment booked or book if you get a text.

  • Staff changes

We were sad to say goodbye to Dr Hemal Shah on the 1st December. He’s taking a well deserved break from two busy days with us, to spend more time enjoying his now very active twin boys! We wish him all the best during this special time.

We are delighted to congratulate Dr Hiba Gamaty as now a fully qualified GP and you’ll all be pleased to know that she joined us as a permanent member of our team from 1st December. Dr Ellie Torosyan, who has been a regular locum, is also to join us in New Year. Dr Bharte Bagga and Dr Reema Ghai continue to work alongside your two GP Partners, Dr Mandy Baum and Dr Sudhan Roy.

These additional GP sessions will help us maintain the excellent service we strive so hard to offer and allow a catch up of all the health checks not done earlier in the year.

Finally our Manager, Weiwei Mao is leaving us to do an MBA and we are excited to have a new Practice Manager, Justin Nicholas start on January 4th.

  • And finally… 

    It has been an extremely challenging year for us all, and hopefully 2021 will be a better one.  We ask for your continued patience with the phone lines, however, if you are happy with the service we’ve managed to offer under these difficult circumstances, we always love to see nice google reviews or reviews on NHS Choices. We get so many thanks from our grateful patients, but it means so much to our whole team to see them on line too!

Flu Vaccination 2020-2021

Dear patient

The Flu vaccination for this season will start in the beginning of Oct. You can call us from the mid of September to book our appointments for all aged who are eligible for NHS free flu vaccination.

The British Fatwa Council / Karimia Institute has issued a fatwa permitting LAIV for Muslims

Important Information for patients aged 50-64 years old

Please note that people in the 50-64-year old age group will not be vaccinated until November and December, providing there is sufficient vaccine, and no appointments will be offered for this age group until then. This is to ensure that those who are most at risk are vaccinated first.  If you are 50-64 and you are in one of the other groups which is eligible for the flu vaccination, for example you have a health condition which puts you at risk from the flu, you will be invited earlier.

Please also note that GPs are not to vaccinate this age group until the clinically at risk have been done  This means that NO 50-64 year old (other than those who are in the clinical at risk group) should be invited to attend for a vaccine until there is confirmation from the national team that there is vaccine supply for this group. 


Practice Newsletter

June 2020



Symptoms of coronavirus?

Please arrange a test to reduce the spread of infection!

Dear Patients,

Thank you from all the Doctors, Nurses, HCAs and admin staff for your understanding in these      challenging times.  It has been a monumental change for everyone having to cease virtually all face to face consultations and work remotely via phone and video. Everyone has been considerate and understanding and it has been nice when patients have asked us how we are doing too!

The priority at the moment, as restrictions are eased, is that everyone continues the important infection control measures; hand washing, 2 metre social distancing, etc. Masks and face coverings are more likely to protect others from you than you from others but especially in environments where 2 metre distance might be difficult it seems a good idea to wear them.  Clinical staff will continue to be wearing masks and PPE for face to face consultations.

Just a reminder, we are ‘open for business’ and Doctors have continued to see people face to face if needed and Nurses have continued baby immunisations, anticoagulation clinic and dressings throughout.

We are slowly resuming more of the routine work which has been on hold for the last couple of months.

  • We are doing some anticoagulation checks and injections as a “drive through”.
  • We have made adaptations to the building with Perspex screens, spacing available seating in waiting area and staggering appointment times to keep numbers in the building at one time to a minimum.
  • We however needing to see an increasing number of people face to face. Please use hand gel and wear a face covering if attending in person and DO NOT attend in person if you have cough or fever, without speaking to a doctor first. Please see full instructions before attending here.
  • We will continue to assess all cases by phone in the first instance.
  • Please try our new service “E-consult”  whenever possible. Patients have found this a very efficient way of communicating with us about non urgent clinical concerns or administrative queries. It will also help those that can’t use I.T to get through on the phone.
  • Please consider having essential ’kit’ at home. See: Useful medical equipment to keep at home.  We’d recommend at least a thermometer, blood pressure machine if you are on blood pressure medication or Diabetic, peak flow meter if asthmatic (we can prescribe these) and weighing scales.

Finally, there hasn’t been a more important time to prioritise being as healthy as possible. There is a fair bit of catch up to be done here. Please discuss with us or see https://www.oneyouhounslow.org/

If you haven’t yet registered for online services, to request your prescriptions on line, please help us by doing this! Our receptionists spend a long time transferring paper requests to electronic requests for the Doctors to process. Please download the NHS App for access to Airmid and other services or just ring reception for log in details.

We are delighted to now be able to offer a Physiotherapist working with us. You can book directly with him rather than discussing with the GP first. See details here of the First Contact Physiotherapist Service.

For baby and child immunisations, routine reviews for diabetes, COPD, asthma, women’s health, men’s health, please do respond to invitations! We’re here to help keep you healthy.


COVID-19 Updates for Our Patients

                  Advice regarding COVID Vaccines
  • Please do not call the surgery to discuss when you will get the COVID vaccine. This is not at our discretion, but please be assured that we shall contact you to arrange an appointment when your group becomes eligible.  
Advice for patients attending an appointment at the Health Centre
  • Please phone the practice if you have developed a cough, temperature, loss of taste or smell or have any concern that you might have Covid-19
  • Please use toilet facilities at home/work prior before your appointment
  • Do not attend before your appointment time is due
  • Please attend alone unless a child or are in need of assistance – please only bring one carer
  • Use the intercom video entry system. You will have to press the button to speak with a Receptionist to be allowed entry.
  • Please wear a face covering
  • Do not bring food or drinks into the building
  • Do not bring leaflets/papers/magazines/toys
  • Use hand gel sanitizer on entry
  • Please stand at reception as you should be collected by the Doctor or Nurse to be taken directly down to the consultation room
  • If you do sit down, please only sit on designated seats
  • Please always ensure you maintain 2 meter distancing from others waiting
  • Please keep personal belongings (keys, phones, jewelry) in your bag
  • Please try not to touch surfaces or door handles
  • If you have urinary symptoms bring a urine sample in a clean pot
  • Please use gel on leaving the building

We can assure you that we are doing everything possible to keep our patients and staff safe during the pandemic and ask that you help us by following the above instructions.

Clinicians will be wearing “PPE” and we clean the room in between each patient’s visit.

Other COVID-19 Updates
Patient Pule Oximeter User Guidance

The NHS has announced that they will restart some surgical services after they had been stopped to help hospitals cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that some hospitals will start contacting patients on the waiting lists, especially urgent cases, about their delayed operations to arrange a date for the surgery.

This series of FAQs aims to address some of the concerns that you may have about going to hospital during the pandemic and to offer some advice on how you can best prepare for your operation.